Rtsgus! - Real Time Strategy Game System
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Hello and welcome to Rtsgus website. Rtsgus is a real time strategy game system based on Stratagus 2.2.4 code. Main focus is for War*raft II game for Linux. Why?  I use Linux on all my computer systems and my kids wanted to play War*raft II. I used wine with ipx for a mult-player game but the kids wanted a better game play. I know Stratagus had War*raft mod but project stopped working on Stratagus. I have been updating the code and scripts in my spare time and know someone who would like to play the game. I like open source so it's time for me to give something back. Wargus is now included with rtsgus. You will need the War*raft DOS cd-rom to convert the data to Rtsgus.


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Rtsgus 1.0  rtsgus-1.0.0-src.tar.gz  rtsgus-1.0.0-src.zip


  • Released under new name rtsgus (http://www.rtsgus.org).
  • Source code based on Stratagus 2.2.4.
  • New Code::Block project file rtsgus.cbp.
  • Added HideMyUnits to rtsgus DefinePanelContents.
  • CompleteBar now has a black backgraound.
  • Wargus is now part of rtsgus.
  • Wargus pudconvert can now convert BNE pub files.
  • New bne script for converting BNE pub files (wargus/bne)
  • Updated wargus scripts for better War*raft game play.
  • Started working on Wargus network game options (beta).
  • Fixed bug ID: 1893595 - stratagus-2.2.4 doesn't install according to LHS.
  • Cleaned up warnings in source code.